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HOA records
Have you recently changed your email address, your Management Company or any other Vacation Home details ?   Are you sure that your HOA Records are up to date ?
To receive all HOA communications in a timely manner, it is important that the HOA records are accurate.
Advise the HOA of changes by completing this form.

Guest enquiries
Owners wishing to receive copies of Guest enquiries, received by the www.terraverderesort.net site, may either request that their email address is included in the enquiry distribution list, or check to see if their email address is already included in the enquiry distribution list, by completing this form.

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Updates -

New Manors at Terra Verde Trash Policy
- Click here to read Trash Regulations

Owners are reminded that all dogs must be kept on a leash when on common resort property.
Owners are also required to clear up after their dogs.
This is the law in Osceola County.
Owners are responsible for conveying this rule to all Guests.

Tripadvisor awards Terra Verde the
Certificate of Excellence for 2013, 2014, 2015, 2017, 2018, 2019

Theme Park tickets now available from the Concierge

New Mini Golf Area open


HOA Notices, Documents & Owner Resources

You may access various online forms and Association documentations from this page, including association Covenants, Bylaws, Meeting minutes and Budgets.
Marketing documents are available, together with rental research information.
(Links on the left hand side of this page may be used as shortcuts to selected sections)

Older versions of documents may be found in the Archives.

July 2020

Effective July 2020! The Manors at Terra Verde Trash and Recycling Management Guidelines and Policy Click here to view

June 2020

For the latest HOA Covid update Click here

November 2019

2020 budgets for Villas, Manors and Masters have been approved by the BOD.
Copies of the 2020 budgets may be viewed via the links on this page under the 'Resort Budgets & Finance' section.

December 2018

Home Owners are advised that the letting of single rooms within properties is deemed by Osceola County as 'Bed & Breakfast' rental and as such, is not allowed within the County.
A copy of the notice sent by the Resort HOA to all owners, may be viewed here.

November 2018

2019 budgets for Villas, Manors and Masters have been approved by the BOD.
Copies of the 2019 budgets may be viewed via the links on this page under the 'Resort Budgets & Finance' section.

October 2018

Entrance gate vehicle access cards
For improved security, all gate cards will be re-issued.
The attached letter has been sent to all owners.

July 2018

Entrance fast lane
The fast lane at the entrance is completed. Guests and Owners possessing a valid gate pass may use thre fast lane, bypassing any queue at the gatehouse.

June 2018

Villas parking
Following a discussion that took place in the 'open forum' section of the April BOD meeting and as a result of discussion at a special Villas BOD meeting in June, a guide to vehicle parking within the Villas areas of the resort has been circulated to all owners.
A copy of this guide may be viewed here.
Information contained within the guide should be communicated by owners to their guests.

In addition Owners are reminded that restrictions apply to the number of vehicles that are allowed to visit any property at any one time
May 2018

Villas BOD updates:
Martin Cook and Scott Coyle join the Villas BOD

At a recent BOD meeting, an owner expressed concern over control of Racoons.
Racoons are an indigenous species to Florida.
A publication Living with Racoons is availabe
April 2018

Summit cable service upgrade project.
The installation of the set-top boxes and replacement modems will take place over April / May period.
A list of 'frequently asked questions' has been prepared and may be viewed here

February 2018

Summit cable service upgrade project.
The preparation for the cable upgrade project continues across the resort. Full implementation is scheduled for May / June.
During March, Summit will commence the installation of set-top boxes.
A full report on the upgrade project may be viewed in the Resort Newsletter no. 54.

January 2018

HOA Boards re-structured.
Following the loss of a number of board directors during 2017, the Villas, Manors and Masters boards have been re-structured.
New structures may be viewed using the 'BOD member contacts' link on the left of this page.

December 2016

Owners are advised to exercise caution when accepting last minute bookings from websites, such as Airbnb.
Instances have occurred where bookings have been placed on properties at the last minute, using a stolen credit card. Under such a circumstance, it may be possible for the persons booking the property to quickly gain access to the property, before the credit card is flagged as stolen.

July 2016

Official Resort facebook page created and launched.
Owners are encouraged to add a link to the resort facebook page, on their own websites. For owners uncertain of the means by which they may add a link to the page on their websites, suitable code is available in the 'Owner's resources' section of this page.

KUA refunds
As reported in the August edition of the Newsletter, a number of owners have secured a rebate on a portion of their utilities bills, from the KUA.
Owners wishing to enquire whether they may be eligible for a rebate, may wish to make contact with Elizabeth Shleby of Dee O'brian Consulting Inc.- email who provides a service to establish whether clients are eligible for a utilities rebate. Please note, there is a commission charge for this service.

March 2016

Tax authorities audit a number of properties at Terra Verde
It is clearly in the interests of owners, that they are familiar with rules and regulations relating to use of properties for the collection of 'short term rental' income. With particular reference to Sales and Tourist taxes and license requirements. Responsible management companies should also be able to give advice to client owners.
Owners are encouraged to keep up to date with current rules and regulations and ensue that they comply.
Services that require a license
Sales and Use tax

January 2016

Upgrade of Villas street lighting is completed.
All groups of townhome units now have a street light at both ends.

Non-paying owners update - total number of non-payers now stands at 5.
August 2014

A revised, resort entry proceedure for management company employees is introduced.
A summary of the revised procedures is as follows:
- Registered management companies - management companies are provided with a 3 month gate pass.
- 3rd. party representatives of management companies (pool service / house cleaners etc.) - management companies may schedule a regular day for access to the resort. Contact with the resort must take place through the registered management company.
- 3rd. party company access, not scheduled - Management company ,must contact the resort prior to the 3rd. party contractor arriving.

Contact with the resort may be by phone or email (terraverderesort_gate@yahoo.com)

July 2014

Amendment to Masters declaration (Covenents / Restrictions) filed & adopted
See 'About the HOA' page for a copy of the amendment

May 2014

Amendment to Masters declaration (Long term rental) filed & adopted
See 'About the HOA' page for a copy of the amendment

Long-term rentals on Terra Verde
Message concerning the amendment to the Master declaration, agreed at the Masters Board Special Meeting, is sent to owners.
Select here for copies of messages send to owners
Minutes of the Special meeting are available through the link in the 'Board Meetings' section of this page.
See here to view a copy of the Amendment to the Masters Declarations
View the full set of Covenents and Declarations via the links on the 'About the HOA' page of this site

The resort has been awarded the 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 & 2017 Tripadvisor Certificate of Excellence.

To display the Tripadvisor certificate on a website, the following code (sourced from Tripadvisor) should be inserted into a website page ...

<div id="TA_certificateOfExcellence425" class="TA_certificateOfExcellence"> <ul id="ozi1Y8TTL" class="TA_links ezCD1DJXbuz"> <li id="ta8i0i5OC1" class="CaFOcj0dscJs"> <a target="_blank" href="https://www.tripadvisor.com/Hotel_Review-g34352-d503413-Reviews-Terra_Verde_Resort-Kissimmee_Florida.html"><img src="https://www.tripadvisor.com/img/cdsi/img2/awards/CoE2017_WidgetAsset-14348-2.png" alt="TripAdvisor" class="widCOEImg" id="CDSWIDCOELOGO"/> </li> </ul> </div> <script src="https://www.jscache.com/wejs?wtype=certificateOfExcellence&uniq=425&locationId=503413&lang=en_US&year=2017&display_version=2">

Owner feedback

Owners & Guests visiting the Resort are encouraged to post comments and suggestions, using the 'On the Spot' thread on the Resort Forum.
A printable copy of the Guest feedback form is available in the 'Owners resources' section at the bottom of this page

Resort Assessment payment coupons

2018 Payment Coupons

(for owners wishing to pay by direct debit, the preferred method....please see the link in the 'forms' section below )

  (Please note that the coupons can be used for the entire year)

Board Meetings

(Owners are encouraged to join the scheduled board meetings, either in person or via video conference, details of which are given in the 'owner resources' section below.
Please note that meetings are recorded for minute taking reference purposes only. Once draft minutes of meetings are approved, recordings are permanently deleted.
Select here to view the HOA Policy for Audio Recordings of Meetings

The AGM is held annually, usually in the September / October period. Owners are encouraged to attend the AGM either in person or via video conference. Owners not planning to attend are asked to complete a proxy Form.
The Villas proxy form may be found here and the Manors proxy form may be found here.

BOD Meeting July 2021 - HOA minutes

(for past minutes, see archived documents

Resort Budgets and Finance

2021 budgets

(for past budgets, select here for archived documents)

(Copies of monthly finance reports may be viewed by Owners, in person, upon appointment with the office of the Resort Accounts manager.
A nominal charge may be made for emailed / printed / faxed copies.)

 Covenants and Bylaws

 Architectural Review Board

Any minor or major structural or landscaping changes must be approved by the ARB.
Require a copy of the original Park Square plans ?     Try checking  here
Select here for a list of approved Manors homes exterior colors
Please note - should an owner wish to change an exterior color, regardless of the fact that the new color is on the approved list, and ARB application form must be submitted.
Select here for a copy of the Architectural Review Application Form

 Online Forms

'Gate Check-in' document for Guests and Owner's use - For completion prior to arrival at Terra Verde and to be presented at the Gate House together with photo id

Covenants Violation Notification Form - Any violation of the community covenants may be reported to the Board by submitting this form.

Owner information Update Form - It is vital that the the Home Owners Association has current contact information in order that you or your management company can be contacted in an emergency. To update your details, please select the link on the following occasions:
New owners closing on property.
Change of management company.
Change of personal details.

Direct Debit Form - Owners who would like to pay their HOA dues by direct debit should complete this form.

Resort Guest feedback form (web version)
Resort Guest feedback form (downloadable form)


Townhome Owners - Update and clarification on maintenance & repair respnsibilities. Villas owners only

Townhome Owners - Details the provisions for maintenance of townhomes. Villas owners only.

Personal and Vehicle Storage - The attached download details storage facilites available near to Terra Verde. Please note that the HOA does not endorse these companies and has no connection to them.


Owner resources

HOA Insurance for Owners

An overview of the HOA insurance for owners is available in the Home Owners Manual on page 12.
The home owners manual is available from the links at the bottom of the 'About the HOA' page of this website.

For Villas owners that wish to obtain a generic copy of the Villas Certificate of Insurance
Click here to view

Villas owners who wish to obtain a copy of the Terra Verde Resort Villas Insurance Certficate for mortgage bank requirements, should email the HOA insurance agents at AP.lm.certs@assuredpartners.com and supply the following information:
- Name of Association (Terra Verde Villas Resort HOA)
- Unit Owners Name
- Owners address at Terra Verde Resort
- Loan Number
- Mortgage Clause that includes the Name & Address of the Bank
- Requestors Email Address or Fax number
Once the agent has received the information, a reply should be received within 48 hours

Resort Facebook page

Owners wishing to add a link to the resort facebook page, on their website, may like to add the following line of code to their website.
The code should be added at a suitable point, depending upon where the link is required to appear (often in the footer section of a page).

<a href="https://www.facebook.com/TerraVerdeResort/" target="_blank">
<img src="http://www.terraverderesort.net/pics/facebook.gif" alt="facebook logo" width="120" height="40"></a>
Resort website guest enquiries

Owners who rent their homes to guests may receive copies of guest enquiries received by the Resort Website at www.terraverderesort.net.
Interested owners may subscribe to the enquiry distribution list by complateing this form.

Owners shoud be aware that some service providers or spam filters may mistakenly block copies of guest enquiry emails, probably due to the large circulation list (deeming the enquiry to be 'spam'). To assist with the receipt of enquiry emails, owners should add the 'admin@terraverderesort.net' emai address to their address list in their mail management software.
The distribution of guest enquiries received by the Resort website is currently a free service offered to owners by the HOA.


Resort location map
Resort map suitable for guests

Select the following Federal Emergency Management Agency maps for Terra Verde -

Overview map | Phase 1 build map | Phase 2 build map | Phase 2 map | Resort overview map

BOD meetings, Dial-in conf. facilities:

Dial from USA (712) 432 0150
Dial from international +1 712 432 0150 or 0844 5819106 from the UK
Listen to pre-recorded message and enter access code 333984#
Other facilities -
*4 = plays a menu of commands
*6 = mutes line of the user (*6 again to un-mute)
*3 = exit the conf.

Whilst listening to BOD meetings via the conference line, it is suggested that owners either mute their line or refrain from using a 'hands free' or 'speaker' mode on their phone. This is necessary in order to reduce the risk of echo & distortion that 'hands free' type functions can cause on open conference lines.

Proxy forms for HOA meetings
Select here for Villas and Manors
Guest feedback form

Select here for a printable copy of the Guest feedback form.
A web version that may be completed online is also available and may be accessed using this link www.terraverdehoa.com/feedback
Guest feedback is important, so please feel free to circulate this form to your guests, or include the following link/code on your websites

<a href="http://www.terraverdehoa.com/feedback" target="_blank">Guest Feedback Form</a> 

Resort Video

A copy of the Resort Video is available for owners, and any other interested parties, to add to their websites.
The video is hosted on a server that is controlled by the video company www.viewbyvideo.tv .
To add the video to a website, the following code should be included, at a suitable location, within any website code
<script type="text/javascript" src="http://video.viewbyvideo.tv/players/5MuzxJXF-tweTkqiD.js"></script>
Please be aware that the the video will currently open within a panel on your webage, that is 600 pixels wide.
An alternative version that displays in a 400 pixel wide panel may be inserted into a web page, by using this code
<script type="text/javascript" src="http://video.viewbyvideo.tv/players/5MuzxJXF-gqloIyBI.js">
Both versions, once opened, will offer a full screen mode version.
Require any more information or help ? contact the HOA website admin here

Terra Verde Welcome Brochure

Select here for a printable copy

Terra Verde Seasonal Occupancy Charts

Select here for charts

Marketing Workshop Presentations & Competitor Surveys

Select here for "Creating a Marketing Plan"
Select here for "Marketing your Vacation Rental Home" part 2
Select here for "Marketing your Vacation Rental Home" part 3
Select here for "How to promote your Vacation Home Rental"
Select here for "2008/9 Competitor Rental Survey"
Select here for "2010/11 Competitor Rental Survey"

Select here for advice on selecting a management company for your vacation home

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