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Guest enquiries
Owners wishing to receive copies of Guest enquiries, received by the www.terraverderesort.net site, may either request that their email address is included in the enquiry distribution list, or check to see if their email address is already included in the enquiry distribution list, by completing this form.

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Updates -

New Manors at Terra Verde Trash Policy
- Click here to read Trash Regulations

Owners are reminded that all dogs must be kept on a leash when on common resort property.
Owners are also required to clear up after their dogs.
This is the law in Osceola County.
Owners are responsible for conveying this rule to all Guests.

Tripadvisor awards Terra Verde the
Certificate of Excellence for 2013, 2014, 2015, 2017, 2018, 2019

Theme Park tickets now available from the Concierge

New Mini Golf Area open


HOA archived files

(Please note that all documents are filed within the year they took place.
e.g. Budget approval meetings will be filed in the previous year)
BOD minutes 2021

Villas meeting April 2021
Manors meeting April 2021
Master meeting April 2021

BOD minutes 2021

Villas meeting January 2021
Manors meeting January 2021
Master meeting January 2021

BOD minutes 2020

Villas meeting January 2020
Manors meeting January 2020
Master meeting January 2020

Villas meeting May 2020
Manors meeting May 2020
Master meeting May 2020

Villas meeting July 2020
Manors meeting July 2020
Master meeting July 2020

BOD minutes 2019

Master AGM 2019
Manors AGM 2019
Villas AGM 2019

Villas meeting July 2019
Manors meeting July 2019
Masters meeting July 2019

Villas meeting April 2019
Manors meeting April 2019
Masters meeting April 2019

Villas meeting January 2019
Manors meeting January 2019
Masters meeting January 2019
BOD minutes 2018

Villas meeting January 2018
Manors meeting January 2018
Masters meeting January 2018

Villas meeting April 2018
Masters meeting April 2018

Masters meeting July 2018
Villas meeting July 2018

Villas AGM 2018
Masters AGM 2018

BOD minutes 2017

Villas meeting January 2017
Manors meeting January 2017
Masters meeting January 2017

Villas meeting April 2017
Manors meeting April 2017
Masters meeting April 2017

Villas meeting July 2017
Manors meeting July 2017
Masters meeting July 2017

Villas AGM 2017
Masters AGM 2017

BOD minutes 2016

Villas meeting January 2016
Manors meeting January 2016
Masters meeting January 2016

Villas meeting April 2016
Manors meeting April 2016
Masters meeting April 2016

Villas meeting July 2016
Manors meeting July 2016
Masters meeting July 2016

Villas AGM Oct 2016
Manors AGM Oct 2016
Masters AGM Oct 2016

BOD minutes 2015

Villas meeting January 2015
Manors meeting January 2015
Masters meeting January 2015

Villas meeting April 2015
Manors meeting April 2015
Masters meeting April 2015

Villas meeting July 2015
Manors meeting July 2015
Masters meeting July 2015

Villas AGM Oct 2015
Manors AGM Oct 2015
Masters AGM Oct 2015

BOD Minutes 2014

Villas meeting January 2014
Manors meeting January 2014
Masters meeting January 2014

Villas meeting April 2014
Manors meeting April 2014
Masters meeting April 2014

Villas meeting July 2014
Manors meeting July 2014
Masters meeting July 2014

Villas AGM Oct 2014
Manors AGM Oct 2014
Masters AGM Oct 2014

Older meetings (files in .zip format)
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