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HOA records
Have you recently changed your email address, your Management Company or any other Vacation Home details ?   Are you sure that your HOA Records are up to date ?
To receive all HOA communications in a timely manner, it is important that the HOA records are accurate.
Advise the HOA of changes by completing this form.

Guest enquiries
Owners wishing to receive copies of Guest enquiries, received by the www.terraverderesort.net site, may either request that their email address is included in the enquiry distribution list, or check to see if their email address is already included in the enquiry distribution list, by completing this form.

Pay Your HOA Assessments.

Pay your HOA assessments online, any time you choose with the security of Smartstreet.

Updates -

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Springt 2019 edition here

Owners are reminded that all dogs must be kept on a leash when on common resort property.
Owners are also required to clear up after their dogs.
This is the law in Osceola County.
Owners are responsible for conveying this rule to all Guests.

Tripadvisor awards Terra Verde the
Certificate of Excellence for 2013, 2014, 2015, 2017, 2018

Discount Theme Park tickets now available from the Concierge

Cinema room completed with weekly 'movie nights'

12ft. screen + projector sourced, for poolside screenings

Shuffleboard court installed

Tiki bar seating / dining area extended

Mini golf installed / updated

Terra Verde featured on C4 'A Home in the Sun' program

Tennis Court completed


Security, Lighting or Nuisance issues

If you have an issue with the street lighting failing or if you notice a faulty street light,

Please take note of the Light Serial Number (located on the lower section of the pole) and notify the HOA,  here  who is compiling a log of all lighting failures and who is in touch with the KUA

Gate Check-in Form
Select here for a copy of the Guest Gate check-in form.
Gate proceedures for arriving Owners and Guests

As part of the introduction of new Resort Gate entry procedures, the following documents have been circulated to all owners.
Any owner who has not received a copy of the documents, should check to ensure that their contact details that are held by the HOA, are up to date
Use the 'information update form' available from the link on the left hand side of this page
Letter to owners
New security procedures notice
New security procedures FAQ document


Owners and Guests who are inconvenienced by noise from adjacent properties are encouraged to contact the Sherrif, who will attend. Owners or Guests who may be reluctant to contact the Sherrif, may contact the Gatehouse, who inturn, will contact the Sherrif.

There have been instances where Racoons have accessed garbage during night hours, in Villas areas. The racoons seem to have developed the ability to open the Villas garbage containers. Owners and Guests are requested to, where possible, refrain from storing garbage in the bins overnight.


Gates are manned 24 hours.
During the Clubhouse hours, gates are manned by our own staff. Outside clubhouse hours, gates are manned by 3rd. party contractors.

January 2016
Additional street lights are being installed within the Villas areas.



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