What is the Summit upgrade?
An explanation of the Summit upgrade package is contained in the Resort Newsletter no. 54, Page 3.
What is the cost of the upgrade program and who pays?
The cost of the upgrade program has been negotiated by the HOA and is being paid through the HOA fees.
Costs of any extras will need to be the subject of a separate arrangement between Summit and individual Owners
What is the timing plan for the upgrade?
Summit commenced work on the Resort infrastructure in 2017 and the installation of the Set-top boxes and Modems in all properties in the Resort will take place March 2018 through to May.
Who will provide the set-top box and modem?
Summit will provide the set-top box and modem.
Who will install the set-top box and modem?
Summit engineers will install the set-top box and modem.
How will Summit engineers gain access to my home?
Summit will have the contact details of Owners who are resident in the community and details of Management Companies representing Owners who rent out their homes.
Summit will arrange suitable installation dates with either the Owners or Management Companies.
What if I have Guests?
Summit will liaise with the Management Companies or minimise any inconvenience to Guests.
Will I need a set-top box for each TV?
Summit will provide only one set-top box for your main TV, but you may request more, at a charge.
Will my other TVs work without a set-top box?
All your other TVs will operate without the set-top box, but will not display the dynamic channel program guide.
Why will my modem be replaced?
Summit will replace your modem in order to manage the higher internet speeds
Do I need to replace my router?
It depends upon the age of your router. It may be advisable to replace older routers
Who will pay if the router needs to be replaced?
The replacement cost of a router is the Owner's responsibility
What is the DVR box that is on offer?
Digital Video Recorders are not included in the HOA negotiated costs, but DVR packages are available direct from Summit.